We are a design agency that never overlooks the text. Generating really engaging content for the hair, health and beauty industry is something that comes naturally to gm-design.

First of all, we work closely with our clients to research and gain a solid understanding of the brand’s history, product offering, audience and ethos. By profiling the brand we are able to create a unique tone that is absolutely relevant and authentic.

We structure our web content so that it is easy to read; supporting the user experience with regular entry points, smart page links and clear calls to action. This creates logical interest-led paths for the user through the website.

On social platforms, we generate highly shareable content. Our skillful copywriters create engaging social media stories, content marketing campaigns, blog posts, news articles and can reliably find the perfect stat for your infographic.

Alongside SEO-friendly digital copy, we support marketing teams by brainstorming brand names, straplines and product names as well as editing PowerPoint presentations and carefully proof-reading training and sales materials for print.

Covering Essential Sales Skills through to Advanced Coaching, as well as individual sessions on SKP Brands, a series of training aids is being rolled out globally to ensure an exceptional standard of sales worldwide.

Neil Charlton
Global Sales Team - Schwarzkopf Professional