Often in a pitch situation you may have the best product, the better idea, the stronger service package, however the contract can go to the company with the best presentation materials on the day.

Today’s audiences expect beautifully designed, consistent and engaging brand presentations. gm-design has a long track record in creating presentation materials for professional training, sales and marketing events.

Producing PowerPoint sales presentations, launch materials, how-to guides and training aids with bespoke and branded slide design is one of our specialist subjects. One of gm-design’s daily challenges is creating these in a format that is flexible enough to handle language translation without compromising on the design.

As marketers, gm-design enjoy all aspects of digital, however we do recognise that this can be a daunting area for some people. This is why we have set out to demystify digital in our own range of seminars, which explore the key elements of digital marketing – sign-up to our seasonal newsletter to keep an eye out for future details…

Thank you very much.
The presentations look fantastic!

Matthieu Chauvet
International Marketing Manager - Schwarzkopf Professional