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Engaging Content That Creates Impact
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We help clients generate image and animation content that creates an impact, as well as adding a unique perspective to their brand identity. Static and rich media content offers an opportunity to showcase a brand in new ways and also provides a multi-channel anchor point that can be linked to from all of a client’s digital platforms. The most shareable and easily-digestible of all content, image and animation ensures a brand’s communication will be seen by the widest possible target audience.

Our highly skilled team can help bring your ideas or existing brand imagery to life with stunning product glorifications, digital adverts, infographics and illustrations, and with extensive experience in scripting, developing and editing animation, image content can be taken one step further – idents, animated GIFs, walk-throughs videos and films.

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How We Can Help:
  • Illustrations and infographics to support brand stores and statistics
  • Product range glorifications for POS promotions
  • Scripting and developing video content for brand idents and films
  • Creation of digital banners and MPUs
  • Generating GIFs and short animations
  • Transformation of existing brand imagery into motion graphics or 3D generations
  • Video editing
  • Audio sourcing or creation
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Exeter Food Action Infographic
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Our chosen charity for 2018 is Exeter Food Action (EFA), a local organisation who redistributes food waste from retailers to those in need, in and around Exeter. As part of our support for this worthwhile charity, we are creating a range of marketing resources that the charity can use to promote their cause and generate greater awareness, retailer sign-ups and public contribution. We agreed to focus on creating educational and thought-provoking graphical content based on the current food waste situation and the positive way in which retailers and consumers alike can all make a difference.

As a charity, it was also important for the EFA to get as much leverage from the resources we produced as possible. Our solution was to create an eye-catching infographic which raises awareness of the food waste issue in this country and educates the audience with helpful tips to reduce food waste from the home to the large retailer units – as well as being used in printed leaflets, on their website and on warehouse banners, the graphical elements of this piece of work could also be extracted to feed into their social media and create newsletter templates.

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Three Inline Images
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We're extremely grateful, not just for their kindness, but that a company with such a high standard of work engages with our community-support work with such professionalism and energy.
Jon Curtis
Exeter Food Action
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