A Day in the Life of a Managing Director

LC Robarts-Arnold
  • Managing Director
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After a sit down with the community team, it’s my turn to share my story on what life is like for me at gm…

Tell us about your typical working day in the Client Services team at gm-design

My day at gm. starts with a bright ‘Good Morning’ greeting to everyone and a review of prio. 1 tasks. Every day is flexed and refocused to best meet the needs of my clients, the team and the business. As Managing Director, I enjoy the variety of responsibility and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

What are your favourite and least favourite things about working in the gm. team?

I love the way we all care about how we communicate, and it’s something we genuinely share a passion for. This shines through in what we do and how we work.

Given it’s our team bake-off season again, I’m never particularly comfortable following Rachel or Emy, despite my best efforts, they are in a league of their own!

When did you decide you wanted to go down the Client Services route, what inspired you?

Inspired by my parents, I wanted to run my own business from a young age. Client Services is a natural fit as I simply love doing a good job for others – my mum still reminds me that as a toddler I’d want to help with everything, piping up with the phrase: “Lucy’s doing it!”

Which steps did you take to get you where you are today?

After graduating in Economics & German with International Business, I wanted to put my skills into practice and moved straight out to Munich. As part of my degree, I did two professional placements, in Vienna and Munich, which I feel gave me a head start in finding a job during the recession.

I gained invaluable commercial experience marketing real estate acquisition opportunities, such as iconic office buildings and major shopping centres, to institutional investors. This role required excellent attention to detail, especially in analysing the market, crafting communication materials and proof reading contracts. Alongside this, I managed the rebrand of the company and website launch.

I moved from Munich for love and searched for an exciting opportunity that would utilise my skill set and keep me within international marketing. This led me to an Account Manager role within gm-design in May 2005, and by helping grow the business, I quickly moved into a directorship role in 2008.

What 3 words would you use to describe the gm. Client Services team?

Creative, intelligent and caring.

What’s your best tip for keeping a cool head?

Look after yourself. It sounds self-centred but it’s so important to carefully manage the expectations of those around you, at work and at home. Try and maintain the balance, so that everyone gets the best of you.

What advice would you give to any young people who would like to work in a similar role?

There is a lot said for being in the right place at the right time.

Put yourself where you want to be, regardless of whether it’s your dream job to start with. Work hard, make good connections and ultimately be recommended for the role you want.

Any parting words?

Don’t worry if your path takes a winding road to begin with, many people may seek to influence you but persevere with your dream and stick to what makes you happy. Life is too short for would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…

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