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Alterna London Video Production and Photoshoot 2023

Christina Layzell
  • Designer
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The Briefing

Alterna, the prestigious global haircare brand, approached us for the second consecutive time to assist on their hair and fashion shoot in London where they were crafting three new looks.

This exciting endeavour focused on the creation and presentation of three stunning new looks devised by professional hairdresser, Joana Neves, for the highly- anticipated Fashion Week. This also presented a valuable opportunity to produce compelling social media reels, to perfectly enrich Alterna’s Instagram presence.

Building on the success of our previous collaborations, we were entrusted with similar responsibilities for Alterna’s latest production. Equipped with our valuable insights and expertise we took proactive measures to minimise errors and streamline the post-production process, ensuring a seamless and polished outcome, delivered on time and within budget.

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The Challenges

The main challenge on the day was making sure we stuck to the tightly-packed schedule. It demanded a collective effort from every team member to ensure the shoot ran smoothly. Given the extensive list of content to be produced, including reels, step-by-step images, lifestyle shots, and comprehensive videos capturing the hair creations in their entirety, time was of the essence. We had to strike a delicate balance between efficiency and maintaining uncompromising quality, ensuring that all essential imagery was captured without delay.

Another challenge we faced was effectively communicating the desired end results of the reels to the model. It took several attempts to attain the desired transitions and product presentation, but through a collaborative process with the model, we were able to reach the perfect outcome. We created a cohesive and visually appealing set of reels that accurately represented the brand and its products, as well as displaying the beautiful hairstyles created by Joana.

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The Shoot Experience

The process of the shoot was similar to that of the last Fashion Week shoot we attended, for the “Fresh from the Runway” collection in July last year. It started with taking ‘before’ images and reel footage, then moving on to the creation of the hairstyles. Whilst the hairstyles were being crafted, video footage was recorded and images/written entries of the step-by-step process were being taken. Once the look was finished, ‘after’ reels were recorded and further images were shot.

Following this, we moved into a homely salon scene, taking lifestyle images of an in-salon experience to give a realistic edge to the looks. The in-salon images were taken with the aim of creating consultation style images for Alterna’s educational materials, as well as for their social channels. These images came with their own set of obstacles stemming from the multiple mirrors situated around the room. However, our experience on the previous shoot meant we were well-equipped to overcome challenges such as getting the perfect angle for the shot whilst ensuring none of the team were caught in reflections! Moving onto the lifestyle imagery, we created a setting which felt comfortable and natural. We removed pictures from the wall and avoided shooting directly against the natural window lighting, which would facilitate easier editing in the retouching process. Therefore, we were able to create an efficient shooting experience both on the day and within the editing after.

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The Result

In summary, our efforts resulted in the creation of a compelling set of Instagram reels, step-by-step videos , and an extensive range of imagery; all of which is suitable for both social media and educational purposes. The outcome was made possible by incorporating valuable insights from the previous shoot and, by aligning with trending engagement patterns on social media, we were able to expand the breadth of content produced, resulting in a highly engaging visual showcase of media.

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