How Wearable Technology is Shaping Content Marketing

Jordan Green
  • Digital Editorial Assistant
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As wearable technology continues to evolve, so too must we… particularly in the way we share content that’s accessible across all devices.

The most recent technology to gain popularity is ‘wearable technology’. This term covers a broad range of devices from Smartwatches and Smart Glasses to Clothing and Rings; the most well-known device at the moment is the Apple Watch, which is now in its 3rd series.

This type of wearable technology has a variety of uses such as monitoring fitness, receiving traffic alerts or just keeping up-to-date with your social media. Each variation of device tends to have a different use; for example, FitBit Smartwatches are solely for the purpose of tracking fitness and health, whereas the Vuzix Blade™ 3000 Smart Glasses can be used similarly to a smartphone to check texts, update social media and listen to music.

Marketing on Wearable Technology

As wearable technology has increasingly smaller displays (or no displays at all), any marketing intended for these devices needs to be snappy and straight to the point, all whilst capturing attention. This is where the phrases ‘glanceable’ and ‘conveniencemarketing come in.

The aim is deliver content via wearable technology in under 2 seconds (you can see why it’s been termed glanceable!). It’s essentially an evolution of mobile marketing, but needs to be even more condensed and direct to increase engagement.

The use of audio-only marketing delivered by wearable technology also offers an exciting opportunity in the future. Due to the restriction on screen size and availability, one of the few elements that all the devices can adopt effectively is audio. This is a fairly new way of marketing on wearable technology, as content to date has been predominantly visual, written or a combination of both. With the technology available at the moment, audio is mainly being used for notifications and alerts, or taking phone calls whilst being paired with your smartphone through Bluetooth. However with the introduction of WiFi and 3G/4G into devices on the horizon, the ability for wearable technology to operate and connect to the internet without smartphones would enable device-specific marketing to be delivered.

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With the use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), the HUD (Heads Up Display seen on devices such as Solos™) could be utilised to show content, such as cycle routes, time and distance covered, quickly and easily without the user having to make any real effort to view it – creating a much more convenient experience. Solos™ Smart Glasses also enable access to some of your smartphone apps, allowing users to take/make calls, see texts, calendar entries, email notifications and also play music. This would make it much easier for people who cycle to and from work, for example, in that they can easily find the best route to take and receive a call from home without having to stop cycling.

Lastly, it’s important to think about analytics; with the incredible technology being used in these devices it provides plenty of opportunity to track activity and respond in more personal ways. For example, if someone is using their Smartwatch to monitor their diet in order to lose weight, local restaurants could let them know about healthier, low calorie meals on offer.

An impressive feature of most wearable technology is the sensors; these are used to monitor anything from heartbeat and mood, to the location of the person using the device. As well as enabling many features of the wearable technology to function, this also allows marketeers to analyse the audience in detail and deliver highly targeted content to them, thus keeping them more interested and engaged. This is quickly becoming known as ‘hyper-local content’ and began with mobile technology. Starbucks are one brand already putting this to use with Geotargeting, so that when users come within a certain radius of a Starbucks they’ll receive a notification letting them know, with offers or promotions.

I believe wearable technology is still in its early stages, but with it rapidly gaining popularity and accessibility, 2018 could very well see us utilising this technology to almost endless possibilities… let’s watch this space!

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