Tips to Conduct a Quick Marketing Review

Hannah Fisher-Mawditt
  • Account Manager
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With the turning of the leaves and following the Autumn Equinox, now is a great time to conduct a quick marketing review and take stock of your website, content and social media channels.

Although you should be updating your website’s content frequently, whilst also actively removing any expired blog posts, company offers, products etc. it’s always a good idea to review your marketing areas and do a thorough ‘end of year’ clean so that you can look ahead and plan for next year’s activities.

We find it helpful to use these five key areas as a starting point.

Social Media Channels

Social Media is such an important distribution channel for your marketing efforts, so it’s worth taking the time to review it.

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Nearly half (46%) of social media users are already using social platforms while thinking about making a purchase. 40% of users are actively deciding what to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, including reviews and recommendations, and this is only set to grow.
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You should also aim to put some time aside to think about:

  • How are your Social Media channels performing? Have you had an increase/decrease in likes or followers? Why?
  • Look through your old campaigns to see what was effective (keep in mind the days and times posted) – this will give you a good idea of what you should be including in next year’s social media marketing plan
  • It’s a good time to check how your competitors’ social media channels are performing. Are they doing better than you? Why?
  • Is your audience still where you think they are, or are they now spending more time on Instagram than Pinterest for example?
  • Review any social media developments that may affect your channels – have a look at updating any headers, profile pictures or cover photos to keep these refreshed
  • Think about planning some Christmas campaigns – this time of year is a perfect time to run any special offers, competitions or giveaways!

Blog & Website

Don’t underestimate the importance of your website and blog. First impressions count – you should be considering your site and content as your shop window: a platform in which you can sell yourself, products or services.

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In the consumer’s eyes a website is a reflection of the business itself. If your website looks cheap and is difficult to use, consumers will assume that your products or services share these characteristics. A high quality, clean website is vital if you want customers to have a positive perception of your business.
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Small things to look at that make a big difference:

  • Have a look through the content on your website to see whether the information is still relevant. Is your homepage still as impactful as it should be? Perhaps you might have a product still showing which you no longer offer? Is there any company news that should be added?
  • If you have a blog, it might be that some of the articles are outdated or no longer relevant. Check your facts – are you using an old statistic or quote that is now redundant?
  • Does your site have any model imagery with expired licences which need removing?
  • Throughout your whole website it’s worth double checking that all hyperlinks are working properly. It might not be the most exciting of tasks, but it is important to check that all the links on your site are working – there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a broken link!
  • Is your contact person and their details still relevant/up-to-date?
  • Have a detailed look at Google Analytics to see how well your website/blog has been performing. Reviewing your site analytics regularly will help you determine things like, which pages are performing better than others, if the day you post your blog is still the best and which pages/articles are getting the most interaction

Client Questionnaire

This is a good time to touch base with your audience; find out what your audience thinks about your website, your content and how well you respond to enquiries/social media comments etc. – this information is like gold dust. Within the questionnaire, you might want to focus on specific areas of your business, such as:

  • Your response time and customer service level – is there a particular member of staff they’d like to mention?
  • How well people are interacting with your website – what do they think of the general feel/layout of your site? Can they find what they want easily enough?
  • What do they think about the quality of your product or service
  • What does the customer like/dislike about your website? Do they have any suggestions on what areas might need an improvement?
  • Do they wish you offered any additional services or products?

Any positive or negative feedback from your clients/customers can give you an insight into areas you might need to improve on, as well as finding out what your customers’ expectations are. Remember to think about asking for testimonials too – this type of content is a fantastic asset to utilise on your website and social media channels!


If you haven’t already, sending out a newsletter can be a fantastic marketing tool – did you realise 3 billion people will use email by 2020?! For those of you already benefiting from this tool, you may want to consider the following points:

  • Think about the last time you sent out a newsletter, when was this? Do you need to review your send-out frequency?
  • Did you review your hard and soft bounces? Now might be a good time to have a good look through your send-out list and update any contact details
  • Is it time to change the layout or colour scheme of your newsletter?
  • Remember to read up on any changes to legislation to ensure you are compliant, e.g. the data protection act

House Keeping

Take this opportunity to have a good clear out or tidy up! Whether this is your desktop, workstation or the back-end of your Content Management System. With a tidy workspace, comes a tidy mind – so, use this time to spruce up your workspace to help boost your productivity.

Following these five steps will help you get prepared for the upcoming seasons. Reviewing this year’s marketing highlights is essential to preparing your marketing and editorial plan for the new year – so take this opportunity to think ahead and begin preparing for the new start!

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