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When it comes to designing a good website, the first and most crucial step for grabbing your visitors’ attention is the creation of a striking homepage. This can be difficult, especially when you have multiple target audiences for your products or organisation; many businesses engage both with other businesses and multiple groups of consumers, each of whom may require different information.

With this in mind, we’ve collected five examples of homepages that work excellently to quickly convert visitors into customers, not only efficiently explaining the concepts of their businesses, but also maintaining interest with visuals and interactivity.

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The Futur

The Futur is a design education collective based in California, producing educational content for creative entrepreneurs around the world. Founded by veteran designer and strategist, Chris Do, The Futur targets four distinct audiences: students, freelancers, in-house creatives and agency owners.

Composing a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and numerous courses, blog posts and resources hosted on their website, they need a homepage that can direct visitors to the content they need, without overwhelming or confusing them.

This is just what their homepage achieves; with a striking and bold design, their homepage presents visitors with an unmissable ‘Start Here’ button, which takes visitors instantaneously to a screen where they can identify as students, freelancers, in-house creatives or agency owners. This then directs them to their respective content areas, saving them the trouble of searching through a large and content-heavy site for what they need.

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The Dots

The Dots is a networking and portfolio site for creative professionals and companies, offering space to upload creative projects, make a public profile and browse or post creative job opportunities.

As a site looking to attract design-savvy creatives, their homepage needs not only to inform and convert visitors into members, but also impress them with their visuals. The Dots’ homepage does just this, showcasing the colourful work of artist and member Karan Singh with a large, eye-catching animated banner across the top and explaining their concept and features underneath with short descriptions and images, tastefully animated to show the website in action.

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Of the many popular social networking sites that present visitors only with a login or signup page, Tumblr appears to be the only one with an informative and visually appealing homepage that appreciates that visitors may never have heard of it before.

With a striking opening screen that showcases a random image posted by one of its members, existing members can always look forward to a new and interesting login screen (which might someday show one of their own posts), while new visitors are given a glimpse into the wide and wonderful world of Tumblr.

Visitors are given the clear options to ‘Log In’ or ‘Get Started’, and if they aren’t yet ready for that, they can have a look at ‘What’s Trending’ for a preview, or scroll down for a colourful and informal explanation of what Tumblr is about.

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Responsible for singlehandedly revolutionising the standard for travel accommodation, Airbnb has built a remarkable business model revolving around the trustworthy matchmaking of hosts and travellers, establishing a large worldwide network of hosts in the process.

Their homepage reflects this unique concept, presenting visitors with a simple one-sentence pitch and a search bar for them to try the site out. If they don’t have a destination in mind, scrolling down offers a curated selection of homes, experiences and restaurants to browse, each with eye-catching images and headlines, as well as useful information like star ratings and prices.

Not forgetting to accommodate potential hosts, a ‘Become a host’ link at the top of the page diverts this particular stream of traffic cleanly away, directing them to a separate page aimed solely at convincing potential hosts to join.

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Last but not least is Dropbox, the cloud storage service boasting over 500 million users as of March 2016. With a bright and bold homepage neatly split into two, Dropbox’s homepage attracts our attention with a short headline and summary on the left and a pleasantly simple signup form on the right.

They clearly communicate their target audiences by listing links named ‘For individuals’ and ‘For teams’ in the top left, but in case we aren’t sure, a small but purposeful arrow directs us down to additional screens of information, concluding in two decisive call-to-action buttons.

Hopefully, these homepages have inspired you, whether you’re a web designer or just a curious web user. That said, website design is an extremely diverse and multifaceted art form and we’ve only just scratched the surface! If you know any other excellent websites that you’d like to share with us, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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