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Nicole Porter
  • Client Services Manager
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At the end of last year, we were proud to be asked to present a day’s seminar on Digital Marketing, alongside Antony Whitaker at Schwarzkopf Professional’s ASK Academy in London… Well, the day came around quickly and on Monday we stood to present for a group of hairdressers from salons across the country!

Having worked with ASK Education for over 16 years, we were excited to get the chance to meet some of the salon owners and team members who benefit from Schwarzkopf Professional’s outstanding level of education.

With Digital Marketing being such a broad and extensive subject, it was certainly a tall order to condense the topic down into a deliverable talk over the course of a single day…

Antony took to the stage in the morning, setting the scene with an overview of the current state of the industry and defining target markets with the seminar’s attendees. It was great to see Antony at work – he exudes confidence and knowledge, and has a way of engaging the audience that keeps the session relaxed and productive. As a familiar face to many of the hairdressers who have attended business seminars and workshops with Antony before, it was also fantastic to have him introduce gm-design to the group before we took over for the afternoon session.

One of the biggest concerns we often hear from clients is that they do not have the time to dedicate to managing extensive digital media channels, whilst also holding down very busy, demanding jobs. Therefore, one of our key objectives for the seminar was to discuss how to work smarter, rather than harder when implementing their Digital Marketing strategies – making sure to give out hints, tips, checklists and tools along the way.

We decided to initially look at how to break down the salon’s audience into targetable segments, allowing them to make use of just a few, carefully selected digital channels to the greatest effect. We then moved on to a quick brainstorm session with the group to discuss what events, during the salon calendar, could be used to engage the salon’s existing and potential clients.

Next, a breakdown of the most important Digital Marketing channels for a salon… With just over 3 hours to cover the basics of website design, search, content, social media, email and mobile marketing, this took the form of a crash course!! We had some great conversations as a group, with a definite interest in all things ‘social’. It was especially rewarding to receive such positive comments on our knowledge and expertise in the hairdressing industry – something we take real pride in!

All in all, it was certainly an event we would love to be part of again. We have such a passion for digital marketing and being able to share this with those equally passionate about their own industry was amazing… Next time though, maybe an extra day would go down well!

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