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How to Ensure Your Blog Content is Read

Hannah Fisher-Mawditt
  • Account Manager
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So, you’ve written a masterpiece. A clear, concise and highly interesting piece of content about a subject you feel passionately about. You upload it to your blog or website and wait for the comments and social media interactions to start rolling in… only, after a week, there’s nothing…

Following on from our blog post, How to Write Compelling Content for the Web, this article will look at how to get your content read once you’ve introduced it to the online world and which steps you can take to ensure it gets noticed.

Social Media

Social media is a golden tool and is one of the best ways to shout about your new content. With 2.44 billion people predicted to be using social media worldwide by 2018, you have automatic access to a massive growing audience. However, choosing the right channel to promote your content is important.

Have a think about who your audience is in relation to your article, as this will affect which platform will work best for sharing your work. Generally, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular avenues and the ones people use the most, but don’t overlook the likes of LinkedIn if you are specifically promoting content to professionals, or Instagram if you’re showing off content which can be visually impressive – such as new launches or products.

It’s also worth having a look to see whether there are any hashtags trending which relate to your article, as this will expand the reach of your content. Companies such as are great for identifying the popular hashtags which are relevant for your content.

Be aware that if you’re going to be posting anything on your social media channels, you’ll need to invest time in maintaining those platforms – not responding to enquiries and comments won’t do anything for your business image! Remember, it’s better to do one thing well, than a number of things poorly.

Write regular, meaningful content

Although this point may seem obvious, ensuring your content is good quality and at least 300 words will help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst the concept of SEO may seem complex, when you’re writing relevant content for your audience, you’ll naturally be including those important keywords organically, which will help your content gain a better position on search engines.

Depending on your Content Management System (CMS), you may use various software or plugins to support your SEO efforts, for example Yoast for WordPress. Utilise this to its full potential and set an overall focus keyword for your article to clearly indicate the word you want this particular piece of content to rank for – so when people search for that keyword, they have a better chance of landing on your content.

While your main objective, this time, may be to promote your current content, you’ll also want to ensure that users remember your website as a place to gain good quality content. This will ensure that they spend time exploring the other pages on your site and will also increase the likelihood of them returning.

Unless your content is a one-off, it’s also worth remembering, to publish your content on the same day and time each week –  consistency is key when distributing your content.

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Although roughly 60% of businesses have blogs, 65% of those blog owners haven’t even updated in the past year!
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Include your content in your newsletter

If you’re not building an email contact list, then you might want to start! Gathering the emails of everyone who has shown interest in your business is a great way of keeping people informed of latest news, offers and, of course, your new content – just remember to get permission first!

If you send out regular newsletters, then make sure you’re promoting your article/blog as part of it. Not only is this a great way of showing off your content, but if you use an email marketing service, such as Mailchimp, you’re also able to keep track of how many people have clicked through to read your content!

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Get your title right

Remember that your heading should not only be intriguing enough for users to want to click-through and read your article, but you should also try to use your focus keyword within your title. This will help Google easily find your content and reinforce the organic SEO you’ve already created within your article. It’s also worth keeping in mind that your article’s title will from a part of the page URL, try to ensure your focus keyword is included in this.

There are some useful websites, such as coschedule’s headline analyser which will analyse the quality of your headline and help you get the best results.

Include an image

Using an image to accompany your content not only looks appealing, but will also work towards your SEO efforts… providing you’ve alt-tagged the image correctly. Using your focus keyword as part of your alt-tag is generally a good idea.

It’s helpful to think about alt-tags as a way to describe an image to search engines, again increasing the chance of your image (and in turn your article) being displayed when a user searches Google using that keyword.

While following these tips will help to promote your article, producing good quality, relevant content on a regular basis in the first instance will ensure that your target audience will want to read your content.

For more tips & tricks, we’ve distilled our content marketing seminar into 7 easy-to-follow steps to help you get the most of out of the time and effort you’ve put into creating content for your business – download it today and get your strategy streamlined today!

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