3 Key Things You Need to Consider Before Video Streaming

Emy Mordue
  • Senior Content Marketing Manager
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There is no avoiding the topic of live video streaming, with apps such as Meerkat and Periscope popping up as quickly as the content itself – but is it right for your brand’s marketing strategy and should you be using it?

I’ve summarised 3 key areas to consider before deciding if video streaming should be a part of your marketing toolkit:

1. The Apps: Meerkat vs. Periscope

  • Periscope wants you to be able to see what’s going on around the world, in real time… “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes”
  • Meerkat keeps it simple… “Live Stream Video”
  • Both allow users to live broadcast video from their tablet or smartphone on Twitter
  • Meerkat launched first (earlier this year), Periscope came a quick second (but is owned by Twitter, which makes me wonder exactly how long Meerkat will be around for…)
  • Looking at them both, they equally serve the same purpose – live video streaming – but the interface design differs quite drastically, with Periscope gaining points for a clutter-free display
  • There has been substantial controversy surrounding data protection, service agreements and where/how long videos are being stored for on the platform’s servers – and if I remember rightly, this is not too dissimilar to when Snapchat first launched…

2. The Content: What Could I Live Broadcast?

The content considerations are going to be different for one brand to another, so I’ve put together my top picks:

  • Event coverage/News stories – enter the citizen journalist: literally allowing you to see and experience anything from anywhere in the world… live (a little bit scary right?)
  • Cross-Platform promotions – such as TV advertising that encourages fan-to-brand interaction via social media for story development
  • Behind the scenes – for example, Spotify took music lovers behind the scenes” with exclusive video footage
  • Fashion/Catwalk/Backstage – get your digital backstage pass with brands such as Burberry taking you to the FROW
  • Education – video streaming allows users to enter a classroom when they physically might not be able to, as well as receive real time feedback
  • Live Q&A sessions – move over twitter chat (with your 140 character limitations), video is way more engaging!

3. The Point: Why Live Stream?

Ok, so the cons are obviously going to be that you’re filming on a mobile phone, it’s going to be shaky and probably low quality. Maybe you don’t have 4G, or the internet connection is awful and WiFi isn’t available – but maybe it is… and you’re backstage at an awesome show and you just know your audience will want to be a part of it.

My point is that it’s early days yet… Some brands are early adopters to new technology or the latest innovation, and taking the plunge pays off for them. Some wait for the initial glitches to get worked out of the system (…or service agreement), which can also pay off too. It’s about looking at your existing marketing strategy and deciding if video streaming could, or should, be a part of it once you’ve considered all the facts, pros and cons. Will it benefit your brand? Will your audience engage with it? Does it serve a purpose?

If you’re sat there thinking “hell yeah, video streaming sounds great to me”, then test it! Right now, the apps available mean that it’s low-cost and easy-to-use – plus you’re sharing content with your existing Twitter audience, so it’s kind of already set up for you…  Just remember to read the service agreements and ensure you acknowledge how your content could be used in the future…

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