12 Tips to Achieve a Perfect Fake Tan

Emy Mordue
  • Senior Content Marketing Manager
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Sunshine can be a rarity in Britain… however, believe it or not, this year has seen record temperatures, with some of the hotter days reaching 30+ degrees! Yet if you’re anything like some of us girls here at gm-design, it can be hard to shift from jean to skirt without a little faux glow!

Don’t be alarmed, we aren’t sat here resembling one of Willy Wonka’s Umpa-Lumpas; we’ve done our research and mastered the art of fake tan application – so follow our tips to avoid those telltale signs and fake-it like a pro:


If you’ve tanned your face, remember to update your foundation shade to match!


Paint your nails prior to tanning to protect them from going orange.


Don’t apply tan to newly-shaved legs or your pores will become orange dots!


Apply extra moisturiser on your feet before you tan to ensure they don’t go darker than the rest of your body.


Exfoliate your body before tanning and lightly with each shower after, to ensure your tan fades evenly (remember to pay special attention to knees, ankles & elbows!).


Rub the palms of your hands with a dark towel to avoid orange palms!

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Do remember that fake tan is not a safe tan – you’ll still need to use an SPF to protect your skin!

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